PDP Model Programs: High School Teacher Coaching and Tutoring

PDP Model Program

PDP's High School Teacher Coaching and Tutoring provides high school math teachers with a personal consultant who is available four days a week to observe the classroom, offer suggestions on pedagogy and curriculum materials, and work with teachers to create customized lesson plans and worksheets for particular topics or students. Students in the high school are offered after-school tutoring to strengthen their math foundation

Students as Scholars

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their mathematics and study regularly on their own and in study groups. Students are provided information about the different course requirements for getting into college and are urged to stay on track in their college prep math.

Diverse Community

Currently the PDP Teacher coaching program takes place in Emeryville High School. Both locations serve a wide range of students from different economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

Thriving Academic Community

All students are welcomed to participate in afterschool tutoring. Snacks and a friendly informal atmosphere help encourage students to attend. Excellent tutors from UCB provide math instruction and general academic advice. Math celebrations like pies on pi day help create a math positive setting.

Focus on Excellence

Students are encouraged to enroll in math at a pace which allows them to complete both Calculus AB, and Calculus BC by the end of their senior year. While students may not major in math in colleg, a strong math foundation is viewed in a very positive light when applying for college.

More Info

Contact PDP Pre-College Coordinator and Math Specialist Tansel Pope to learn more about the program.

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